Ruger Lcp Max Chambering Problems

Ruger Lcp Max Chambering ProblemsI'm relatively new to the LCP II and have been using it as my EDC (it is completely stock). It does not consistently have enough power given the compact design of the gun to cycle the slide all the way. This is referred to as a “stovepipe” and …. I found that round nose ammo like CCI minimag, Aguila Super Extra, Blazer lead round nose, Federal 36 grain hollow point, or Armscor 36 grain hollow point wi. #smithandwesson #ruger #lcr Comparing and shooting two of the most popular 38 Special revolvers available today: the Ruger LCR and the Smith & Wesson J Frame. For Service on This Model Please Call: (336) 949-5200 (See p. This authentic Ruger extended magazine is meticulously crafted with a robust steel body featuring a corrosion-resistant blued finish, ensuring unparalleled …. Accuracy issues: Check your grip and trigger control. Rugged construction with through-hardened alloy steel slide; one-piece, precision. Boeing 737 MAX is adding to SpiceJet, Jet's woes in India. 7x28mm Ruger PC Carbine with Magpul Stock and Truglo Front Sight Product Type: Rifles Caliber: 9mm. It was shooting super low left off a bench with several types of ammo and not locking back on empty. Our Outer Recoil Spring replaces your stock outer recoil. RUGER LCP 380 New and Used Price, Value, & Trends 2023. 6 Common Ruger LCP 380 Problems and Their Solutions. I have paid absolutely no attention to how clean or dirty any of this stuff is. But to answer your question- NO is is not normal. I contacted their customer service and they sent me another slide assembly with barrel and that fixed the issues. All the video reviews were good. Sometimes, dirt can cause some problems that are easily solved by disassembling and cleaning the gun. Looks like many are having the slide lock problems in last round and empty magazine. Rust on LCP Max : r/ruger. Boeing notified 16 customers of a potential wiring issue on recently delivered 737 Max jets, the latest problem for the jet. 380 Auto cartridge for a softer-shooting concealed carry pistol. Boeing's big problems are proving to be possibly more problematic for smaller scale suppliersBA Boeing's (BA) grounded planes and backlog are causing a ripple effect across its supply chains. The Ruger LCP II surprisingly has the easiest and best slide to rack. Ruger® LCP® Centerfire Pistol Models. The seam between the upper and lower component is clearly visible. Received my LCP Max back from Ruger and took it to the range. 32 caliber LCR’s weight to 17 ounces compared to 13. 380">Gun Review: Ruger LCP MAX 10+1 Round Pocket. Why Empty LCP MAX Magazines Can't Lock Slide Back. The LCR has a capacity of eight rounds. Squeeze the trigger while watching the bolt handle. LCP MAX Pocket Holster - Desantis or Suggestions. 0 out of 5 star rating (1) Ruger LCP Max 380 Auto (ACP) 3in Stainless Pistol - 10+1 Rounds. 380 ACP CPX-4 is an internal hammer-fired double action only semi-automatic pistol. My son has one that shoots very low for him, about 15" low at 10 yds. Those wanting the reduced weight and recoil of. I love the size and weight and have read about how reliable the pistol is. So, here I am again, waiting on Ruger, unable to actually use my new Ruger pistol. Ruger LCP/LCP 2 Extra Power Mag Release Spring. I originally had a tremendous amount of magazine drops and fail to lock back after last round- which was fixed on first trip. Weight: The Ruger LCP Max weighs in at just 10. Fits LCP® II and LCP®MAX pistols. It gives poor shooting experience for gun owners. The Max is larger and harder to conceal. The Ruger is more refined than the P3AT, and is a smidge larger and heavier. 00 In Stock Part # CG02700 magazine latch spring - …. 17 Capacity: 10 Rounds Finish: Red. The LCPII has exactly the same problem, and Ruger hasn't bothered to fix that, so don't hold your breath. SR22® Pistol Product Safety Bulletin. Its six-shot capacity is also a true advantage over. 380, a Ruger LCP, and a Taurus TCP . The Beretta shoots great, has a smooth trigger but is heavy. Features a factory-installed, co-witnessed Crimson Trace ® Compact Reflex Sight featuring a 3. At The Range: Ruger LCP MAX. The LCP and the max are almost identical if the LCP has the +1 mag and the max has the standard. The hollow points on the other hand would more often than not, jam without chambering the first round. About this item ★【RUGER HOLSTER OWB】:Gun holster to protect your Ruger Pistol. I enjoy shooting guns chambered in. Fits Ruger ® LCP ® MAX Pistols. We’ve fired thousands of rounds and spent hours at the range to sort the wheat from the chaff on this one. Sig Sauer P365 IWB Holster - Adjustment Tips. 380 with 10 rounds and a slight bump in caliber (. LCP 2 had Federal American Eagle FMJ rounds because I spent something like $500 on other. 380 Standing Accuracy and Chronograph Test …. After 3 trips to Ruger and various "free replacement parts" my LCP II 380 seems to be flying right. How to Fix Your iPhone XS Charging Problems. 17 inch overall length that the LCP II had. It’s small, light, easy to shoot, and reliable with the right ammo. 357 Bore-Snake - Gun Barrel Cleaner. The fixed low-profile sights on the LCP II include a blade front sight and a serrated back sight. While the Redhawk has long been a staple for magnum-caliber revolver enthusiasts, Ruger graced customers with a convertible. 38" long, sporting a 1:10" right-hand twist. I'd take the lcp max over the g42 any day. Right now folks can go online and easily pick up plinking-grade. 380 ACP Pistol, Red Titanium/Black. Textured grip frame provides a secure and comfortable grip. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Not the same caliber or size but I love my current Kel-Tec P32 small size and the Ruger LCP max in. First take on my ruger lcp max 380 : r/ruger. I own LCP II (both 22lr and 380 versions), and the MAX. Special Assignments editor Roy Huntington reviews Ruger's new LCP MAX and compares it to the other pistols in the LCP family. But the comparison isn't between the g42 and the lcp max. 41 inches more than the LCP II’s height, and the width has been increased slightly from. One of the most common problems with the Ruger LCP Max is jamming. Ammunition in that power range strikes a good balance of controllability and power in the LCR. The Ruger® Yukon Magnum is the perfect recipe for power and accuracy. Ruger LCP / LCP II / LCP MAX Installation Videos. The back of this gun is very rounded and melted. However, in 2021 Ruger released its LCP Max with increased capacity, only adding to its popularity. 22 chambering’s have done very well. Ruger also improved the trigger, but it’s still no 1911. Holsters for Ruger LCP Max. In this video we do a comparison of the Ruger Security 380 versus the Ruger LCP Max. , the lightweight and compact Ruger ® LC Carbine™ utilizes the same steel magazines and familiar ergonomic controls as the Ruger-5. I have told you that a faulty recoil spring can also cause this issue. I have an LCP and while it was stiff it was not even as hard to work the slide as my SR9 was. 38 Special revolvers similar in size and weight. The top-rated IWB holsters for the Ruger LCP Max include: 1. It goes bang every time I pull the trigger and have had zero failures with the max9 and 1 failure in the first mag of the lcp 2. Halfmoonclip Discussion starter. The Sigurd trigger took care of this. (Photo: American Handgunner) At 44 ounces, it is clear that the Redhawk was meant for heavy magnum loads. It features a textured grip, a tritium front sight with white outline, and a rear sight with a generous u-notch. Edit: user manual says not to use +p Ammo. Looking to maybe get the LCP II or the Max. If it moves forward slightly it will cause this issue of having to slam the magazine in for it to seat properly. Sticky Holsters Concealed Carry Holster for Men and Women - SM-2 - Fits Small Framed Gears with up to 2. 5 ounces (11 rounds) makes all the difference in a hot & humid climate. Remove the magazine and load another round in the mag and reinsert the mag. Load a full mag with the slide open, chamber a round, then drop the mag and top it off. It's also got a BIG trigger slap, making 50 rounds at a stint pretty uncomfortable. The trigger pull averaged 6 pounds, 14 ounces for a series of 10 measurements with an RCBS trigger pull scale. Galloway Precision and Sigurd LCP II trigger review. A Look at the Custom Galloway Ruger LCP. I suggest you carefully read the manual that came with the LCP. You now have six rounds in the mag and one in the chamber and a LCP that is NOT cocked, but is ready for action. Ruger American® Rifle Bolt. I would eject a live round, load another round in the chamber and the trigger would function properly. Ruger LCP Max Trigger Spring Kit. 88 Stainless, Laminate Grips, 10+1 $ 716. The pistol is billed as a sub-compact and size. I also have the LCP II in 22 and it’s been great for me, put at least 1000 rounds through that. In 9mm, the original P365 is a handful. Not discounting your experience, just chiming in to say that I have had nothing but good experiences. Going from 27 ounces (8 rounds) to 14. Septoplasty is surgery performed to correct any problems in the nasal septum, the structu. Septoplasty is surgery performed to correct any problems in the nasal septum, the structure inside the nose that separates the nose into two chambers. I Carry: Ruger LCP Max Pistol in a DeSantis Holster. 54rambler said: The OP's title was about Ruger starting a trend with the LCP Max. 380 ACP version of the P365 being so similar to the. Slide Issues Full Specifications of the Ruger LCP 380 Comparisons and Alternatives of Ruger LCP 380 User Experiences and Reviews on Ruger LCP 380 FAQ's Q: What are the chambering problems with Ruger LCP Max? Q: How reliable is the Ruger LCP Max? Q: Is the Ruger LCP 2 380 reliable? Q: How many rounds can a Ruger LCP last?. The majority of complaints on the Ruger forum seem to be: Slide not locking back after last round. I'm currently considering either the Tarus GX4 or the Ruger. Link to my new channelhttps://www. Slide Lock Issues Potential Causes Grip interference Defective slide lock spring Slide Lock Problem Solutions Adjust Your Grip: The compact size of the Ruger …. Ruger LCP Max Problems that You Should Know About. I know there has been a lot of controversy pertaining to the Underwood. 99 SKU 51655120355 Brand Ruger Model Number 13722 UPC 736676137220 DETAILS Manufacturer: Ruger Product Line: LCP Max Caliber:. Inspect the trigger mechanism for any debris or damage. Ruger LCP Max 9- 9mm - with Safety and Optic Cut quantity. In spite the double-stack magazine, the Ruger LCP MAX is only 0. Some LCP Max owners report this issue. The MAX-9 holds 10+1 rounds of 9mm in a very small package, and is reason. Today we review two great 380 pistols, and decide which one I should carry. May have been some sort of factory preservative. com/c/CraigsGunChannelSupport the channel on Patreon: https://www. Rugged construction with through-hardened. The last reviewer considered it as revolutionary as the Sig P365 (I own both so that was a particularly interesting article to me) and I pretty much agree. Glock G42 vs Ruger LCP MAX size comparison. Other subcompacts in this scene include the Glock 43X MOS (10-round magazine, $582); HK VP9SK (10- or 13-round magazine, $789); SIG Sauer P365 (10-, 12- or 15-round magazine, $599); Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2. I am always good at checking mag retention. Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380 Review. Happy Friday! My Ruger LCP Max has grown on me want to use it as a pocket carry. 22 LR greatly reduces recoil and allows the magazine to hold 10 rounds — all without changing the exterior configuration of . Bottom line - there are some LCP MAXs that have out-of-spec slides and require replacement. Low recoil for comfortable training. Here's this exact gun on Palmetto: https://www. To date I have from them an AR offset buffer spring retainer, Ruger 57 Holosun optic mount and an LCP Max Sigurd …. It is unbelievably comfortable to carry in the waistband. 380 with a Woman's Perspective compared to S …. Some folks have had lots of issues with Winchester flat nose. The SCCY CPX-4 feels perfectly comfortable in my (small) hand. LCP MAX failure to go into battery…Need break in period?. 380 Problems and Reliability Issues Solved">RUGER LCP. Some of the potential problems you’ll encounter with Ruger LCP Max may include: Problem 1: Failure to feed During my tests, I found that the failure to feed is the …. 454 Casull models to accept factory. Sig Sauer P365 Titanium Performance Striker - Quick Install. However, because of the velocity with which it is flung from the. My LCP Max has an issue with not fully coming back to the closed position. LCP MAX slide lock problems explained. Change ammo type and replace tight magazine spring. Ruger took the basic design of its popular Security-9 handgun to create its new Security-380 Lite Rack pistol, a sub-compact handgun in an easy-to-shoot chambering that's. I have had my LCP II for about 9 months. There is never pressure on the mag release in the holster. 380 ACP for self-defense and concealed carry. Disassembly for Trigger Installation. Something somewhere in their production is getting fucked up. I think it is both the bigger grip and an improved trigger. Ruger replaced the defective mag. be/IZ08_G06s68Items I use regularly in these videos-Steel Targets: https://shootingt. Ruger® Super Redhawk® Alaskan® Double. The photo compares my 4 year old LCP II slide on the left to my brand new LCP MAX slide on the right. Secondly, you have to inspect the feed ramp. Simple, rugged, Garand-style action with breech bolt locking system, a fixed-piston gas system and self-cleaning moving gas cylinder gives unparalleled reliability under harsh operating conditions. I had my gunsmith measure the trigger pull with a Lyman digital gauge when I picked up the revolver. The Galloway trigger absolutely made a difference in pinching my finger. Lcp max has less recoil than lcp 2, which has less recoil than lcp gen 1. The Ruger LCP Max was introduced in 2021 and it’s Ruger’s latest flagship in the field of everyday, concealed carry handguns. Mine is missing Black Oxide coating and rusting just in front of the shell ejection port. I really enjoy the Ruger LCP in 22LR. The P365 is virtually the same length and height as the Glock 42. I have close to 1000 rounds on the max 9 and about 300 on the lcp 2. I prefer appendix for a quicker draw, and even deeper concealment. A little shove on the back of the slide took care of it. Each time it has been over sized ammo (improperly tapered reloads). Upgrade stock rear sight to a tritium night sight. ***All shooting was performed at a professional range following all sa. Hard Hitting Power from Ruger- The Targis Hunter Max. I am afraid mine is trying to prove the reviews wrong. 17 inches, and just barely thicker at 0. When I attempt to rack the slide while using the 10rd magazine it will not fully chamber the round. The LCR-22’s front sight is a pinned blade; you can swap it out for another style if you please. I have a brand new LCP and it put smilys on my ammo too. Spec Sheet Buy Now Limited Availability. 56 NATO’s relatively tiny 55-grain bullet exiting the barrel at 3,200 fps. The LCP max is not a range gun for me, rather unpleasant to shoot, very snappy, trigger. The new LCP Max feeds HP ammo with no problem. ) Comparing the two guns, I now notice that the slide on the "old" Max rattles if you shake the gun. Having an ND with an LCP takes a special kind of person. Stainless Steel Guide Rod for Ruger® LCP® MAX Pistols. There were two reports of this issues at about the same time. New Ruger LCP Max : 10/12 rds 380 ACP. 22LR round, the LCR-22 comes equipped with the same Hogue Tamer Grip as its larger caliber cousins. The first LCP was good and the LCP II greatly improved upon it. Maybe I just have a fat finger. Davidson’s Exclusive Ruger LCP Max Elite with Aluminum Trigger. provides all the accuracy, reliability. Polished and ready to go for your Ruger ® LCP ® MAX. When cleaning it I observed while looking through the chamber end a burr around the entire barrel at the crown area. If you have any questions regarding this Safety Bulletin, please review these FAQs. The MAX is slightly taller at 4. The LCP is a mass produced, gun sold by the millions. Due to its intended role, chambering and 2. If your Ruger-57 pistol is within this range (641-00000 to 642-26274), you should follow the inspection procedure outlined below to determine. brand new lcp max wont chamber first round in a mag. Hilljak Quickie Loader QL380M Works perfectly on your Ruger LCP 380 MAXMagazines!Available in several colors at: https://hilljak. Another common problem with the Ruger LCP Max is that it may have problems chambering correctly. Then the dual recoil springs return the slide to its forward position, picking up a cartridge from the magazine and chambering it. STEP 3: We will evaluate your pistol and perform all required safety updates. 380 round on the right, This is my Glock 29 Gen 4 10mm on top and the LCP Max. Compact for easy concealment, yet holds a. Ruger LCP MAX, Double Action Only, Semi-automatic, Polymer Frame Pistol, Compact, 380ACP, 2. The first 14 rounds were perfect. Septoplasty: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia. I brought a couple of boxes of Federal Punch 22LR Personal Defense ammo along with my Taurus 942 with a 2-inch barrel, Ruger LCP II Lite Rack with a 2. Safe to carry my Ruger LCP with one in the chamber? (no safety). Overview of Ruger LCP Max Problems & their Solutions. 357 LCR’s extra weight (in comparison to the. Background The LCP Max is the third generation in the LCP. The good folks at Ruger have done one even better than the P365 in the LCP MAX. Groups around 2 inches give or take. In fact it may be even better suited to EDC than the Sig. lcp jamming almost everytime. All You Need to Know About the. Aside from a less-than-fantastic trigger. 380 ACP LCP MAX Pocket Pistol: Full Review">Ruger. 25% off all OAKLEY products - OAKLEY25. ArmaLaser TR39 Designed to fit Ruger LCP MAX [WON'T FIT LCP 1, 2 OR MAX 9] UPC: 768612001937. Size-wise it is in the Glock 43 and SIG P365 range, meaning it is compact and easy to carry/conceal. The LCP is a little hard at first but it shouldn't be anything like that difficult. Gun Review: Ruger LCP MAX 10+1 Round Pocket. 8" Barrel, 10+1 Rounds, Night Sights 71 Reviews | 9 Questions & Answers Model: 13716 I normally carry a 9mm but this gun with the 12 roung mag is so small and light and is dead on out to 25/30 ft no problem, I love it, got the Aliengear belly belt and I don't even know I have it on, it is. I don't completely know why, but I can shoot the LCP MAX more accurately than the LCP II. I do with my Ruger LCP, but not with my USP. I’d recommend not doing what I did. Rugged construction with through-hardened steel slide and one-piece, high-performance, glass-filled nylon grip frame. Ruger® LCP® MAX je komorována v ráži. Specifically, rounds jam between a small horizontal piece just below the input to the barrel and the slide, …. Been doing some research for the first time and came across the Desantis Superfly. I was incredulous when seeing others having this failure to eject on their LCP Maxuntil it happened to me. Log on to the Ruger forums and do a search of Problems and malfunctions and you will see hundreds. To accomplish this, the height of the LCP MAX has been increased. Plinking, Backyard Varmint Control, and Self-Defense. For urban carry as a close-range primary gun or backup pistol. Thanks to GunProDeals for their support. While the LCP II likely could have been chambered in. Scout Rifle in Stainless Steel. The 350 Legend also uses the same. I like to engage targets all the way out to 25 yards. First and foremost, meticulous maintenance is key. 380 but I have never seen one in any local gun shop, just the 9mm. 32 ACP has waned considerably in recent years due to an . 🤷🏽‍♂️, I had a problem for the 1st time ever with a pistol and they fixed it. Rugged construction with through-hardened steel slide and one-piece, high-performance, glass-filled nylon. Tested: Ruger LCP II Handgun. If you need a smaller, lighter-shooting round than the P365’s 9mm, the Ruger LCP MAX gives you a gun that weighs 40% less, is 20% thinner and with a half-inch less in overall length. 380 Acp Pistol, palmettostatearmory. 93-inch-wide slide is slightly broader than that of the LCP II’s 0. I brought it back to my “trusted dealer/gunsmith, who put a box of ammo through it with the verdict of “no problem”. Judging from online reviews, FN’s 5. 380 Auto, the Ruger LCP MAX fits 10+1 …. Right ammunition: Use ammunition that meets Ruger LCP Max specifications. I carry a Glock 23 as my main CCW and my jacket gun always has a Ruger LCP max 12+1=13 rounds of 380 . The ammo is Sig Elite Performance V-crown. The highly revered Ruger lineage’s rich heritage …. The LCP MAX is more than a double-stack LCP II. When you move up from an LCP to something the size of a Glock 42,. The iPhone XS and XS Max woes continue: In addition to cellular and wifi connectivity issues, some users are reporting charging problems with their devices—mainly when their iPhones’ screens are turned off. LCP MAX range report not happy. For those who need a little help to disassemble their Ruger LCP Max. these showed up in the mail just after I made my first video,. For a real review and comparison, break each one down and compare all the parts. Strong, simple, compact falling-block breech mechanism with artillery-style breechblock and under-lever is ideally suited for today's powerful cartridges. With the other type of extractor where the rim slides under the extractor you will damage it by putting a round in the pipe & slamming it closed. With the LCR you can actually get a true flash sight picture. Slim, lightweight and compact for personal protection. On a rifle that is slung over your shoulder, or a shotgun you're carrying on a hunt, an external safety switch makes sense. 0 out of 5 stars So far so good. View the current price and value of new and used a RUGER LCP 380 based on 17786 sold items over the past year. Around 110 rounds through it and it’s really loose. Sigurd Max Short Stroke Trigger for Ruger® LCP® MAX Pistols. i bought some new clips and five different types of ammo all the clips and ammo jam. Patented polymer fire control housing holds all the fire control components in their. The basics of the Ruger LCP Max. The second mag the first round hung half-way in the chamber. 380 ACP ultra-compact pistol to the market this week by announcing the new LCP MAX. There are 2 springs in the chassis that are kept in place by the frame so once the chassis is removed from. Its black-oxide-finished, steel barrel measures 3. Round-nose 40-grain loads aren't nearly as reliable. Remedy is better grip and ensure the gun is lubricated. After my initial check I prepared it for carry and after loading the magazine I cambered a round. LCP MAX slide lock problems explained. Some guns just don't do well with certain ammo. This about the ammo and not the pistol. The slide is beveled and rounded off at key points to make it. The Ruger LCP helped make semi-auto. Thanks for watching and we would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to like this video, leave a. 380 ACP pistol was all the rage. Any time a firearm’s firing pin breaks, it is cause for concern. Conquering Ruger LCP Max Problems: Expert Solutions from. Be the first to review this item. To conclude this, Ruger sent replacement magazines. Looking for advice with my Ruger LCP Max : r/ruger. Until the world recently started truly going to hell in a handbasket, the. As most of you know, handgun bullets do nothing more than make holes. The first one is that it has failure to feed problems where a round will get stuck between the breech face and the chamber. First, the 43C is extremely lightweight. Same compact size as the popular EC9s ® with the reduced recoil of the. Wrong Springs in 12 Round LCP Max Magazines. The Security-380 is shown here with the pocket-sized LCP Max. Going back to the pistol itself, the MAX 380 comes standard with one 10-round magazine, a pocket holster, and a magazine loader. Related Products; Customers Also Viewed; Quick view. A general review of the LCP MAX and description of some major problems I had with it and the perfect solutions. Ruger LCP Max Sapphire PVD Slide Product Type: Pistols Caliber: 380 Auto Ruger LCP Max Purple PVD Slide Product Type: Pistols Caliber: 380 Auto Ruger-57 Turquoise Frame Product Type: Pistols Caliber: 5. To prevent the Chambering Problem, regularly clean and maintain your Ruger LCP Max, paying particular attention to the chamber and feed ramp. 9 Best Pocket Pistols for Concealed Carry. The only way to clear it is to. Ruger LCP 2 22LR Review (My NEW FAVORITE Ruger 22 LR Pistol)Welcome to Firearms of America! Today, I have another Ruger LCP 2 review for you guys and this is. The Ruger LCP MAX not only has higher capacity but also several other improvements over the Ruger. This can be caused by a number of things, including a dirty gun, incorrect ammunition, or even a damaged magazine. And when pulling the slide back to load a round in the chamber, the slide doesn’t go into battery and I have to push the slide in and the round won’t extract when I pull the slide it get. 17 Capacity: 10 Rounds Finish: Red Titanium/Black. The Ruger MAX-9 meets these demands. Optic Mount Plate for Ruger® LCP MAX® Pistols. Otherwise, something with more stopping power would be better. Additionally, using quality ammunition with appropriate bullet profiles can significantly mitigate chambering problems. The Ruger LCP Max 380 also has a myriad of user friendly features, including high visibility tritium sights. I just sent my Max 9 in for a fix. 7x28mm cartridge then Ruger’s “5. I recently bought a Ruger LCP Max so that I could have just about . Will passengers ever feel good about the 737 Max again?. Some found that their LCP Max did not cycle reliably even after sending it back to Ruger. As if rising fuel prices and engine troubles weren’t enough, Indian aviation has a fresh problem to deal with: aircraft safety. Another "You Asked For It" (YAFI) video: We compare the new Sig Sauer P365 380 versus the relatively new Ruger LCP Max, also chambered in 380 ACP. Lcp max trouble chambering rounds 31 comments Add a Comment MrOrt • 2 yr. Okay, I also have an LCP Max, and have noticed, upon occasion, that when clearing a loaded round from the chamber, the nose of the round will strike the forward inside edge of the ejection port, thus causing it to not want to clear the action because the extractor claw has a nice, solid grip on the cartridge’s extractor groove. Despite its design merits, many users complained about the LCP's rudimentary sights, which are nothing more than small bumps machined into the . Ruger inspected the pistols and said +P rounds blew out. The Ruger LCP is a well-designed, reliable Semi-Auto Pistol that one can count on in an emergency. i have a new lcp380 with 40 to 50 rounds shot out of it. Now, the Ruger LCP Max, a gun that is, indeed, smaller than a snub issues that plague small autos when carried in deep concealment modes. I haven’t run into a grooved gun that I couldn’t accommodate (or that couldn’t accommodate me). I’ve seen posts online about jamming issues with these, but not so many on. Had several misfeed (or failure to properly feed) issues with the first round that came up after inserting the magazine. I'm having an issue with my Ruger LCP. They cerakoted the slide …. I shot approximately 150 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense, Federal Hydra Shok, and Winchester white box. Ruger promptly sent a return label. This is a factory 2-pack of the Ruger LCP MAX 12-round magazine, chambered in. LCP ® LCP ® MAX; LC380 With products made in America, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 40 product lines, across both the Ruger and Marlin brands. By staggering the rounds instead of stacking them. They sent me a new barrel/slide assembly. 327 fed mag and an early LCP and so now I sit back and wait for a year. Ruger LCP Max Problems that You Should Know About">Ruger LCP Max Problems that You Should Know About. Has anyone experienced problems with Lcp 2 in. Smith & Wesson M&P380 Shield EZ. 12 inches as compared to the LCP II’s 3. Stainless Steel Guide Rod for the LCP MAX. I picked up a new LCP at the Dixie Gun and Knife Show last weekend, and I'm a little disappointed in that it isn't running 100% It is failing to go into battery, but I'm pretty sure it is a magazine spring issue. 8in Sapphire PVD Pistol - 10+1 Rounds. I have multiple episodes of FTE and FTF issues, mostly the former. eBay; Sporting Goods; Hunting; Gun Parts; Sporting Goods; Hunting; Ruger LCP 380 Parts Lot - Upper Slide, barrel And Parts rebuild / repair. Also, just after firing a box of range rounds, the plastic takedown gate completely broke off causing the slide to get stuck back after. This only happens if I load the magazine with all 10 rounds. RUGER LCP MAX Field StripFollow me on Youtube: https://www. The pistols will not fire if the manual safety is in the "on" or "safe" position. ) Fully reliable, horrible trigger pull and trigger slap, shoots about 4-5" low AT SEVEN YARDS. I picked up a box of Fiocchi 380 ammo at the same store. Multiply them together to find the volume, and compare the numbers for both. #1 · Oct 20, 2021 I just upgraded to one from my Original LCP. The iPhone XS and XS Max woes con. The bullet doesn't enter the chamber, either hitting the top or bottom and hanging. Galco Ankle Lite / Ankle Holster for Ruger LCP, KelTec P3AT, P32. The LCP Max mitigates this through a combination of ergonomics, size and materials.